Bulk Pork Planning Season Is Here!

As I write this, the sky is grey and cold, the trees are bare of leaves, and the garden is still frozen in its winter sleep.  Nonetheless, spring is just around the corner – our clocks move ahead this weekend, the maple sap is running, and our seed order is on the way. Additionally, we are getting ready to order this year’s piglets!

If you are interested in making a bulk pork purchase from us (1/2 or whole pig, custom cut to your wishes), please email us at feastandfallow@gmail.com us to discuss pricing and logistics.  The pigs will be at market weight by late-summer/early-fall.

If you don’t have freezer space or can’t eat that much pork, this is also a good time to speak with your friends and family about splitting on a bulk purchase. That way you’ll save some money and we’ll have the reassurance of knowing the some of our pork is pre-sold.

PS. If anyone wants to buy a piece or two first to see how delicious it is, we have many cuts available. See the link for in the “What’s in Season” tab for full details.



Baby chicks

By popular demand, I present to you: adorable Baby Chicks!
– Paul