About Us:

In September 2015, Morgan, Paul, and Michelle became the proud owners of a beautiful 125 acre farm in Selwyn, Ontario. We jumped right in and are figuring each thing out as we go.


About Morgan:

I am a  registered holistic nutritionist, excited about food from nature in all its forms. I engage with food on all levels from growing to preparing and eating. I am especially fond of fermentation and of making foods traditionally thought of as unhealthy with nourishing, wholesome ingredients so that you should eat them (like gravy, for example). I now work full-time tending the farm. This is my first year raising farm animals, and I delight at having them around, learning their behaviors. They make me laugh- even when those incorrigible hens eat up the hostas or rip up my seedlings to have a dirt bath in their wake. Please contact me if you have any questions about our farm.


About Paul: 

Despite my varied resume (carpenter, educator, factory worker, writer, researcher, restaurateur…), food, community, and social justice have been overarching themes throughout my life. I believe that humans are inherently social beings and that a farm should be more than a food factory – it should be a community hub where people connect, discuss, work, grow and celebrate. I am proud that our farm has already become these things and more.  For me, there is nothing better in life than enjoying a long meal made from fresh ingredients with good friends.




About our Products:

Everything on our farm is raised without the use of synthetic chemical inputs or genetic modification. Our animals (chickens and pigs) are raised outdoors on pasture, and are fed organic feed from a family farm here in Ontario. These animals are treated with affection and respect and we strive to consider the long-term impacts of everything we produce. Through our day-to-day actions, we are working to leave the environment better than it was when we arrived.




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