We grew several varieties of heirloom garlic this season. We currently have the following hardnecked varieties available for purchase:

  • Music – porcelain-skinned with a blush of pink; easy to peel; well-suited for Ontario’s climate; medium hot; stores very well (up to 8 months)
  • Uzbekistan- glazed purple stripe; balanced flavour; stores up to 5 months
  • Purple Glazer – lots of purple colour; strong flavour but not hot, with little aftertaste; great for roasting
  • Puslinch –  white skinned; starts mellow and gets hot but then sweetens quickly; native to Ontatio
  • Marino –  purple striped; keeps well; smaller but numerous cloves; mild yet sharp taste
  • Chesnok Red – ideal for cooking; true purple stripe variety; stores very well (up to 7 months)

garlic curing in the barn’s loft


Prices vary based on size:

  • $2 for large bulbs
  • $1 for medium bulbs
  • $.75 for small bulbs

To purchase, please email us at