Spring Wrap-Up

Hello Y’all,

Yesterday was the official first day of summer, and it is high time for a news update on what is going on out here at the farm.

We have been very busy – each weekend is a veritable work bee where we pound through all the most pressing tasks minutes before they are due (for example, this coming weekend, the new pigs will arrive on Sunday, so we have to build them a house on Saturday).

What have we accomplished? The list has thousands of small victories on it, but the most notable are planting the 40 acres of field in pasture grasses (followed by an agonizing one month without rain! #farmersproblems) using a borrowed ATV and 68-year-old tractor, raising seven young pigs into the strapping teenagers they are today, creating a system for raising chickens on pasture, and planting a massive vegetable garden that is just starting to produce delicious things.

We have had a hundred generous donations that have helped us along – the loan of a tractor here, a hand-me-down of an old dog pen (or 3) there, some water barrels…all these little gifts have helped us immensely in building our primitive DIY infrastructure around here on a budget!

It has been a very exciting time out here and I am learning a tonne in exactly the manner I prefer – hands-on, figuring it out as I go. It hardly registers with me that summer has just begun – it feels like I have been living it for a thousand wonderful years.