Late-November Farm Update and Winter Cooking

The season is drawing to a close around here. The last of the meat chickens were processed yesterday, the last of the pigs go on December 1. Next year’s garlic has been planted, and everything is currently frozen out here.

Our organic, pastured pork has been on the market since the beginning of October, and I am proud to say it has been getting excellent reviews.

Around here, we are certainly making the most of it and have been working on trying one of every cut. The bacon is by far the best I have ever tasted, clean and meaty with none of that chemical taste that tends to hurt my throat with typical commercial bacon. It performs doubly, because after cooking it, we have the fat left over to cook everything else (FISH…mmm) in. We tried a smoked ham steak baked in maple syrup and served with carmelized onion and apple, butt chops crusted in fresh herbs, and a batch of crockpot sweet-and-smoky pork and beans made with smoked hocks and molasses. We’ve been cooking our roasted vegetables in lard for that crispiness that can’t be duplicated, and our soups are rich with long-simmered bone broth. We have particularly enjoyed short ribs cooked in this BBQ sauce…we have actually been using this sauce for everything. It is our new favourite.

How have you been enjoying yours? Please share in the comments what you have been  doing with your feastandfallow pork. We’d love to hear your ideas.


One thought on “Late-November Farm Update and Winter Cooking

  1. I cooked up the butterfly pork chops I got from feastandfallow the other night and it’s one of the best meals I’ve ever made. I started thawing them overnight, then marinaded them during the day before pan-frying. Equal parts lemon juice and soy sauce, olive oil (a little bit more than the amount of lemon juice), brown sugar, onion powder, and oregano. Some pepper too, even my picky ten-year-old daughter loved it!

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