July update

These past few weeks have been even busier than the ones before. We picked up 6 new piglets several weeks ago – tiny as can be. They are now living outside, close to their counterparts, but separated by a fence, as I am sure the big guys, being so aggressive about food, would starve them out.

small and big pigs 2016

We have been harvesting the garlic and hanging it to cure. The garden is going mad despite the lack of rain, and all of my laying chickens are coming of age, which means that all of the roosters in the bunch are nuts and are also TOO MANY ROOSTERS.

Things I am loving:
watching chickens eat grapes – if you throw them underhand and long like a bocce ball, you can watch them race each other to catch it. Lots of fun.

Those of you who get a weekly vegetable share from me may have noticed in the salad mix two succulent leafies. The first is purslaine. I planted a lot of purslaine, but it has also turned out to be the most plentiful ‘weed’ in my garden. The second is a lovely curved spade with a green flower sprouting out of the middle called miner’s lettuce, which I have really fallen for. I love having these water-packed leaves adding volume to my salads.

The breezy nights as we head into late summer.

Thanks for keeping up. Until later…


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